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Welcome to, where Survivor, uh, survives.

Survivor 4 Bonus - The Audition Tapes
 - It's Thursday night. What are we supposed to do now??

Survivor 4: Episode 13.5 Summentary - The Reunion Special
 - All the Survivors are together again for the first time. Will the truth come out? Will Rosie be more annoying than Bryant?

Survivor 4: Episode 13 Summentary
 - We have schemers, we have plotters, we have whiners, and we have a winner. Who is latest Survivor Millionaire?

Survivor 4: Episode 12 Summentary
 - Survivor has become the Battle of the Blunders. Who will be the next to royally screw up?

Survivor 4: Episode 11 Summentary
 - There's a new castaway! Will they like him? Will they hate him? Will he care?

Survivor 4: Episode 10 Summentary
 - Another strong player takes the Stupid Bait and becomes a target. What the Oh My Heck are they thinking?!

Survivor 4: Episode 9 Summentary
 - How will Tammy, Robert and Zoe deal with being big time losers? Which Survivors passionately roll in the sand together? Hugs and kisses!

Survivor 4: Episode 8.5 Summentary - The Review Episode
 - Half the Survivors are gone and it's time to remember them. Please try not to mock them too much.

Survivor 4: Episode 8 Summentary
 - If you thought the remaining Survivors were dumb, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Get ready for the greatest act of Survivor Idiocy in History! Click and read!

Survivor 4: Episode 7 Summentary
 - The two tribes become one and it's every angry young man for himself. Who is the best Survivor yeller? Click here and find out!

Survivor 4: Episode 6 Summentary
 - This week's Reward Challenge is a battle to see who can screw up more. Don't you screw up-read all about it here!

Survivor 4: Episode 5 Summentary
 - Things HAVE to get predictable now, right. RIGHT?? Prepare to be shocked again.

Survivor 4: Episode 4 Summentary
 - The more things change, the more they stay the same. Contemplate this Survivor cliché and more as the tables turn on our castaways.

Survivor 4: Episode 3 Summentary
 - Just when you thought Maraamu couldn't get any dumber they go and shock us all. Find out just how bad this tribe wants to lose!

Survivor 4: Episode 2 Summentary
 - Kathy and Patricia duke it out in a battle of bossyness. Sean, Sarah, and Rob fight for the title of World's Laziest Human. Read about the drama here!

Survivor 4: Episode 1 Summentary
 - Survivor is back! Who has the funniest accent? Who makes all the boys giggle? Who will be the first loser? The first episode is here!

Survivor 4: Marquesas Preview
 - Some of them you will love a ton. Some of them you will love not so much. Some of them you will want to beat over the head with a coconut. The New Survivors are here! - We put the "Que?" in Marquesas!

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