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Dang Fun Will Complicate On Survivor Season 8!

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Season Report Card
Now it's time to announce the REAL winners.

Episode 16
What's an extra million between All-Stars?

Episode 15.5
The 18 All-Stars are reunited. Whose feelings get hurt now?

Episode 15
Somebody wins the ultimate game. And Survivor.

Episode 14
The overthrow arrives. Maybe.

Episode 13
You go, Bucky Bo.

Episode 12
Take that!

Episode 11
What? People keeping their word?

Episode 10
A li'l ex-tra special medicine.

Episode 9
A switcheroo for who?

Episode 8.5
The Survivors take the week off but we don't.

Episode 8
The first shall be last.

Episode 7
A close shave for another early great.

Episode 6
Nobody quits like an All-Star.

Episode 5
Snakebit: This has never happend before.

Episode 4
Love rains down and the laughter dies.

Episode 3
Do snakes eat sharks?

Episode 2
Which tribes are ship-shape and which is sunk?

Episode 1
Fighting, blunders, and Richard's naked butt.
It's good to be back.

Season Preview
Reflect on each Survivor's past
and see how far they can go in the present.

Cast Preview
Who doesn't deserve to be here?

Extreme Preview
The Dang Fun All-Stars from the first 6 seasons!

Stuck in the past? Click here for previous seasons.

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