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Dang Fun Is Heaven With Survivor Season 7!

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Episode 13.5
The Reunion: Let's see some fightin'!

Episode 13
Season Finale: Who will make the final blunder?

Episode 12
I love this game!

Episode 11
What's worse, cruel people or stupid people?

Episode 10
Liars, liars everywhere.

Episode 9
Not him! Anyone but him!

Episode 8
Who is the first stuck with jury duty?

Episode 7.5
Who will be the first Survivor voted in?

Episode 7
Big ol' twist!

Episode 6
Liars, liars everywhere.

Episode 5
I'll drink to bad acting.

Episode 4
Betrayal strikes.

Episode 3
What's a pirate without a leaky ship?

Episode 2
A man and his spear.

Episode 1
Just 90 minutes in and this is already the Season of Nudity.

Season Preview
Let's rock the boat before we even leave port.

Who's not wearing any underwear?

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