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Dang Fun Gets Its Kicks With Survivor Season 6!

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A Tribute To Matthew
A guy in his own world deserves his own article.

Episode 13.5-The Reunion
Get in your insults while you've got the chance.

Episode 13

Episode 12
Survivor is on fire this week!

Episode 11
THIS is why we get upset with the show.

Episode 10
THIS is why we watch the show.

Episode 9.5
Recap! Get your recap episode here!

Episode 9
Backs are stabbed and idiots reign!

Episode 8
More Survivors get naked, but that's not always good.

Episode 7
Bossy brutes, bare babes, backstabbing boys, and beer.

Episode 6
The Survivor Love Connection is in full effect. Jaba-daba-doo?

Episode 5
Women and men together! A see-thru shower! One bed! Idiots!

Episode 4
Something smells fishy.

Episode 3
It's getting hot in the Amazon. Who takes off all their clothes?

Episode 2
Rain, complain, disdain, and granola.

Episode 1
The battle for most annoying begins.

Survivor 6 Preview
Who will deliver on the river?

And just what is Daniel doing with that machete?

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