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Sleepy Summer

Just a few random thoughts as we try to kill off the summer.

Sweet Sleep

There are few things more precious to new parents than a sleeping baby. For one thing, they're awfully dang cute. But the real joy comes from the fact that if baby is sleeping, she's not crying, pooping or spitting up.

Some days, especially early on, those precious naps never seem to come. At times you begin to wonder if there's such a thing as a sleep allergy. But everything is right again when your little angel finally relaxes and shuts her eyes.

Painful Awake

Lorisa and I are big fans of routine. We try to keep our daughter on a regular schedule so everybody knows what's coming. Our baby has responded to it very well and for the most part things are going great.

But sometimes life doesn't fit into a schedule. Some days you just have to wing it. Sunday mornings are always a challenge for us because we have to leave for church before our little girl wakes up from her first nap. And it's so hard every time.

Intentionally waking up a baby from her nap is like using a hundred dollar bill as a candle. What a waste.

Thar She Grows

The rapid physical development of babies is amazing. In nine months they go from nothing to a newborn, and then in another nine months they're moving all over the place. I marvel at the fact that just a few short months ago I had to hold our baby just so or her little head wouldn't fall off, and now she's rolling across the floor like a barrel.

It's true she still has a way to go. Her hand/object skills are limited to grabbing, putting things in her mouth, and banging things together. There's the occasional throwing but it's more like a "forceful putting down" to really count.

Reality TV lives…and dies

Looking for some deliciously trashy TV to pass the summer months? Kill Reality is here to save the day.

It's a brilliant premise. You take a bunch of reality TV "stars" and have them "act" in a "real" movie. And of course you make them live in the same large house with cameras running 24 hours a day. So it's a reality TV show based on a movie based on reality TV shows. Genius I say!

There are twelve main cast members: 4 Survivors (Jenna Lewis, Jonny Fairplay, Ethan Zohn, and Jenna Morasca), 3 Real Worlders (Steven Hill and Trishelle Cannatella from Vegas, and Tonya Cooley from just about every show MTV has ever done), 2 Bachelor/ettes (Bob Guiney and Trish Schneider), an Amazing Racer (Reichen of the unambiguously gay duo), an Apprentice (Stacie J.), and one Toni Ferrari (of glorious Paradise Hotel AND Love Cruise).

Grandma gives it
two thumbs up!

As an added bonus, Survivor Rob Cesternino is acting as the "co-producer" and "co-writer" of the film. Basically here's there to crack jokes about everything. Did I mention this is a brilliant idea?

The show is on the cable channel E! so you can get caught up if you missed anything. Last week's premiere and the new episode will be shown back to back on Monday August 1 beginning at 9 PM (check your local listings). Even if you miss those showings there will be reruns throughout the week. Get on board the Kill Reality express and watch the train wreck begin.

Disclaimer: Scott spends all his baby's sleep time watching really bad TV.