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Time > Money

I really like sports. I recently spent $75 on a couple tickets to a college basketball all-star game where some of the players hadn't suited up in twenty years. And I thought it was a smokin' deal.

Lorisa doesn't like sports. She tolerates a basketball game now and then but she would have no problem if all championships were just decided by lively discussion. I realize this difference of opinion exists, so I make a conscious effort to ensure our leisure expenses balance between my interests and hers. For example, not long after I bought football season tickets at my alma mater, we went to the mall and got the missus a nice dress and matching shoes. Debt paid, right?

If it were, I wouldn't have anything to write about today.

On the way home I casually stated for the record my assumption that we were even to prevent future arguments. I was proud of myself for being such an understanding and considerate mate. But before I could figure out where to put my Man of the Year trophy, I was told that things weren't even close to square.

Lorisa calmly explained that while the two events cost the same amount of money, season tickets meant six big days with my football buddies while our shopping adventure only took a couple hours.

It was a gentle jolt to my thick skull. Womenfolk don't generally reside in that black and white world where mistakes are atoned for with a few bucks and the scoreboard never lies. Simply maintaining a diversified entertainment budget wasn't going to keep my wife happy.

They say time is money. They're wrong. Time is more important than money.

I'm of course assuming you're in a relationship with an emotionally three-dimensional woman. To paraphrase the Good Charlotte, there are some girls who don't like boys as much as they like cars and money, but since I know you are a conscientious intellectual with a big heart, you shouldn't be involved with them anyway.

With real women, in the real world, a dozen roses and some candy don't make everything better. Even if she does sometimes roll her eyes at your or laugh behind your back, the lady in your life wants to spend time with you. She may not always admit it, but she thinks you're a pretty cool guy. She actually enjoys hanging out with you. How can that be a bad thing?

Of course you want to continue to buy gifts for your special someone from time to time. The world is full of beautiful things, and it's only natural she want to have some of them. But don't ever forget to give of the most beautiful thing: your precious time, and undivided attention.

I'm not going to stop loving sports and other activities meaningless in the grand scheme of things. Lorisa knows that. I just have to remember to save equal amounts of time just for her, even if they don't cost any money. Keeping score isn't the best way to keep scoring.

And if you'll excuse me, I think I've spent too much time at the computerů.

Disclaimer: Scott Terrell is just a married guy trying to keep the peace.
Hang out at your own risk.

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