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Amazing Race 7: Episode 9

Beware of the jive, Turkey.

As we begin, there are still two alliances. Uchenna and Joyce are sticking with Meredith and Gretchen, and Rob/Amber continue to work with Ron/Kelly. All four teams get tickets for the same flight the next morning and off to Istanbul we go.

At the airport Rob decides to mess with Gretchen and asks, "Did you get on the earlier flight to Turkey?" He laughs as she scampers off in a panic.

Well guess what? Gretchen talks to Uchenna, who talks to a travel agent, who tells him there is an earlier flight to Turkey, if you fly through a different city. The two married couples' new itinerary gives them more than a two-hour lead!

Give her the (army) boot!

Ron and Kelly continue to fight. Ron says seeing the world shows him there's so much he wants to do before he settles down. Kelly says she's not going to wait around for him, especially since he gets out of every commitment. Ron points out how committed he was to the military but Kelly counters by saying he got out of that. Are you kidding me? The guy was imprisoned and almost died and she wants to question his sense of loyalty? I think Ron needs to give Kelly a dishonorable discharge.

As the Survivors and the formers sit alone at the airport they assume they're in the lead and mock the other teams. Rob calls them "the blind leading the blind."

After landing in Turkey, Rob and Amber get out of the airport quicker and get one train ahead of Ron and Kelly.

The next clue is on a small island. The trick is to find a little lawn gnome statue, which looks conveniently like the Travelocity "roaming gnome."

The Detour is Columns or Kilos. Columns is going to an ancient well supported by a bunch of pillars. You have to use coordinates to get numbers off of specific pillars, and then rearrange those numbers to form a lock combination. Basically it seems like a lot of confusing math.

"I say, jolly good
product placement."

Kilos is just getting a bunch of people to stand on a bathroom scale. Sounds like a simple choice to me. Uchenna/Joyce and Meredith/Gretchen choose Kilos and complete it quickly.

As Rob and Amber take a boat to the island they finally learn the other two teams are ahead of them. That'll learn ya, Robfather.

The Roadblock is to climb a tower using a rope ladder, find a key, then repel down the other side. Uchenna has no problem with it and he and his wife finish first for the second straight week. The trick is, if you have an airplane on the bottom of your gnome, you win a bonus prize. No plane for team #1.

Gretchen and Meredith do their trademark wandering right past clues, and then Meredith lets Gretchen do the rope ladder! She is understandably slow, but completes the task. Their early-flight lead holds up and they finish second. They don't get the prize however.

Rob/Amber still have a lead as they get to the Roadblock, but Ron/Kelly show up right behind them. Rob breezes through the challenge and Ron has trouble finding the key to end any hope of a comeback.

However, this is a non-elimination leg and Ron/Kelly are saved. Then, they flip over their gnome to find the elusive airplane. They get $20,000 to spend with Travelocity and a luxury hotel room for the night! They're the happiest last-place finishers ever.

There's no place like gnome.

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