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Amazing Race 7: Episode 8

When we last left our heroes they were mystified when Philip gave them not the sweet comfort of a Pit Stop, but instead another clue.

So it sends everyone across the street to a train car that won't leave until nightfall. Bah. I guess they decided this would be more dramatic than a regular non-elimination leg.

All five teams get on the train and, in the middle of the night, a zombie-looking guy delivers clues which say they'll be on the train for a total of twenty four hours. Egads.

The first stop after the train is also closed. Are they trying for a five-way tie this week?

Teams spend the night in a hotel and Rob gets one of the employees to agree to be their guide the next day.

The next clue box includes the final Fast Forward of the Race. We learn the task is getting your head shaved, just like the season with those dumb models. "My hair is more precious than life itself!"

The Detour is Trunk or Dunk. Trunk is pushing a large elephant statue down the street. Dunk is something involved laundry and dye, but no one does it.

Gretchen and Meredith don't want to risk the Fast Forward. Guess they like being last all the time. Lynn and Alex go for it. Ron/Kelly and Rob/Amber head for the Detour. Uchenna and Joyce also go for the Fast Forward.

Lynn and Alex change their mind and give up on the Fast Forward! This is great news for U & J.

I don't think it's the elephant.

Gretchen gets on top of her elephant for no reason. They have no way of steering it and Meredith is having lots of trouble. "We have a bad elephant!" Gretchen exclaims.

Rob and his guide gather up kids to help push. "It's tough organizing Indian labor," he says.

On the way to the Fast Forward, Joyce says she hopes she doesn't have to shave her head. Heh.

The formers are first to complete the Detour, followed by the Survivors, then the boys.

The Roadblock is to complete two laps in a camel cart. Amber and Kelly hop on board. Kelly gets a fast camel (an unfiltered one perhaps) and takes the lead.

Joyce cries for her hair but goes through with it. Well done.

Amber's camel stops just short of the finish line and goes the wrong way. Meredith's camel lies down so Lynn finishes before him.

A hairy situation.
A close shave.
Joyce gets all her hair
cut off in India
on the Amazing Race.

The next clue sends them to the Pit Stop, but Lynn and Alex go to the wrong temple! Ron and Kelly's taxi stops for gas allowing Rob and Amber to catch up.

The baldies finish first. Ron/Kelly and Rob/Amber jump onto the mat at almost the exact same time for second and third.

We have some fake drama but you know the old people are going to be last once again.


There they are! They finish fourth! Phil tells them they're the oldest team to make it this far.

And sure enough, Lynn and Alex finish last and are eliminated! Big upset. They were a really strong team, but one huge blunder did them in.

Sorry, boys. The tribe has spoken.

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