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Amazing Race 7: Episode 7

India is the place to be this week.

The five teams are instantly caught up when they have to take the same flight out of their African town. There's a layover at a bigger airport which leaves time for strategizing. A local woman lends Lynn and Alex her cell phone (which I never understand) so they can call a travel agent. The tricky part is they reserve tickets for Meredith/Gretchen and Uchenna/Joyce as well.

Meanwhile, Rob and Amber are inside with Ron and Kelly, and they work together to get tickets as well. We hear Ron and Kelly talk about how they don't trust Rob and Amber but they want to keep their "enemies closer."

Meredith asks Lynn why they're being so helpful and he says they want him and Gretchen in the finals with them. There's a nice little backhanded compliment for you.

The two-team alliance's contact turns out to be smarter as their flight lands first. Rob and Amber get the lead again as R. Kelly's taxi don't see nothin' wrong with a little stop for fuel.

The front-runners learn there's a Yield ahead and move even faster to try and get to it first. Rob says if the formers were smart they'd Yield them. But, they don't get the chance as R&A get there first. Rob senses this could be a non-elimination leg so they pass. R. Kelly believes they can fly right by the Yield as well.

In the Roadblock, one person must search through hundreds tin boxes for one of ten clues. Amber uses her magic and quickly finds one. Kelly finds hers and they follow in second place.

Lynn and Alex are shocked Rob and Amber didn't Yield them. Alex finds his clue, followed by Uchenna. Gretchen just wanders around complaining. Open some boxes! She finally finds one but they're way behind.

The Detour is Solid or Liquid. In Solid, you have to break apart, then carry 175 pounds (!) of coal. Liquid is taking tea to some businessmen. As you might expect, everyone chooses Liquid.

The tricky part of the task is you have a list with five names and you have to track them down in this multi-story office building. To make matters worse, few people inside know where other departments are (or they don't speak English) and the wrong people are glad to accept tea.

The Indian people are just enthralled with these white people and their TV cameras. Meredith and Grethen have a sea of people following them down the street. Some people even want their autographs! Now people can make fun of Meredith's name in two countries.

The teams finish the challenge in the order they began. Rob and Amber are the first to meet Phil on the mat.

But wait, there's more! Phil says he's just there to hand them their next clue and leg is still going. Oh those tricky producers.

To Be Continued,

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