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Amazing Race 7: Episode 6

Tons of blunders this week. Who will make the last one?

The Race restarts in Botswana, Africa. The teams must drive to another town for their next clue. Wild animals such as elephants, zebras and giraffes run all over the place.

The brothers stop one town too soon and waste a bunch of time looking for a clue that isn't there. Not good.

The Detour is Carry It or Milk It. You carry items like a bucket of water and a big bowl of corn on your head. You milk goats. Rob/Amber, Ron/Kelly, and Lynn/Alex all try the balancing act but fail and have to milk. Uchenna and Joyce are the only team to complete the carrying challenge. Bravo. Uchenna says their African roots must be coming out.

On the way to the next stop, Alex and Lynn's truck breaks down and they have to wait for a replacement. Later, their replacement truck gets a flat tire, and they have to get a THIRD vehicle. Talk about Mr. Badwrench.

The Roadblock is a driving challenge. First you have to go through a river, then you have to pull two logs off your path with the truck, and complete the course.

Rob dominates with the truck and takes the lead. Ron is right behind him. Kelly lets Ron have it. She's whining the whole way and calls him a "piece of trash redneck" for something he didn't even say. The guy escaped from an Iraqi prison and has to come home to this?

The Survivors hold off the Formers and win another leg. Uchenna and Joyce get there second. But wait. Phil says they didn't complete the Roadblock properly and have to go back. The directions specifically said to pull up a post when choosing a truck path, and Uchenna only got the ribbon. Doh. But, they're still able to finish third. Curious.

Meredith and Gretchen get there fourth. But wait. They missed an entire clue! After finishing with the Roadblock, Meredith drove right by the clue. They kept driving and just happened to stumble onto the Pit Stop. Phil sends them back to get the clue.

Alex and Lynn finish the truck challenge with no one else around. Thinking they're last, Alex puts on as many items of clothing as possible in case it's a non-elimination leg and they have to give up whatever they're not wearing. Silly, but pretty smart. However, they're actually in fourth place and have nothing to worry about, except looking foolish.

So the oldies have to backtrack, and they still easily finish ahead of the brothers. What the heck? As B & G come up, they use the exact opposite strategy as Alex. Thinking they're last, they take OFF all their clothes, in hopes it'll convince Phil to keep them in the Race so they have to travel in their swim trunks. Doesn't work. "You've both been eliminated from the Race."


But seriously. Two teams are sent away from the Pit Stop for missing items, and another team goes through three trucks, and you still come in last? You pretty much deserve to go home. Thanks for the laughs, boys!

But wait. There's another episode. Well, just a recap episode, but there's some new footage.

The stars of the filler show, like always, are Rob, Brian and Greg. Here are the highlights of the highlights:

- The bros share a hotel room with the blondes early on. Boom-chicka-wow-wow.
- The Peruvian truck Rob and Amber are riding in breaks down, but Rob gets on his back and fixes it. Wow-wow.
- The brothers say they're able to have fun because, "We don't have to decide if we're going to be brothers any more."
- Rob notices Meredith is following him on the freeway and messes with him by changing lanes a bunch, waiting till the last second to exit, and acting like he's lost.
- The brothers drive off the road AGAIN in Africa. Take away their licenses, please!
- Rob and Amber take a break in the airport to read a magazine with their picture on the cover. No wonder they were recognized so often.

And there you have it. In watching the recap we're reminded the brothers twice had to win footraces to stay alive, even before they lost. Funny, yes. Good at the Race, not even close.

At least they'll always have their night with the ladies. And their ridiculous ski hats.

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