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Amazing Race 7: Episode 5

Two hours of the Race this week. If you missed any part of it, we've got you covered right here.

The teams cross the Atlantic Ocean and head for South Africa. Naturally, the earliest flight available is late enough that everyone catches up.

The next clue contains a Fast Forward. Both Ray/Deana and Rob/Amber go for it. Ray and Deana get there first. The task is to walk across a suspension bridge stretched across the wide mouth of a huge cooling tower. They're harnessed to a safety line, but there are no handrails and it's terrifyingly high. Ray and Deana take their time but make it across. Rob and Amber are now behind.

The Detour is Tunnels or Tribes. The names actually fit this week. In Tunnels you have to repel into a cave and find a clue. In Tribes you have to match five native items with the correct local tribe.

Ron and Kelly go into the cave and crawl all the way through and out the other side…without getting a clue! They learn the clue is back inside and have to start over. Brian and Greg do it right and have the early lead.

Thanks to the Fast Forward, Ray and Deana finish first and win Toyota RAV 4s. That beats a little vacation.

The Survivors actually begin their Detour task before Meredith/Gretchen and Uchenna/Joyce. Both these teams are terrible with directions.

The Roadblock challenge is to buy five items on a list. You then take those items to a local children's home. That's cool.

Meredith and Gretchen pull a Ron/Kelly and have to reenter the cave. And, wouldn't you know it, Gretchen falls and whacks her head on a rock. They have to call for help and Gretchen gets her bloody head bandaged up. Yikes.

As the teams make their delivery at the orphanage, kids cheer for them. Very sweet. Brian and Greg really get into it and high-five all the kids. One of them cracks me up by saying, "Stay out of trouble and don't do drugs!" It's After School Special day on the Amazing Race.

Somewhere in their driving, Lynn and Alex get lost and make some pretty racist comments about the locals. They're afraid because the city looks like "Compton" and the man they approach for directions reminds them of "Tupac." So they hate successful people, and poor black people. How quaint.

Ron and Kelly finish the leg in second place, followed by Brian and Greg, my new favorite team. The haters are fourth.

We learn that Survivor is big in South Africa because Rob and Amber keep getting recognized. A woman helps Amber at the market and escorts them all the way to the finish line in fifth place.

Uchenna and Joyce finish sixth but there's no drama because of Gretchen's accident. They come in last and know it. But…Phil gives them the news that this isn't an elimination leg and they're still in it. In addition to losing all their money, they also have to give up all their stuff. No clothes, no backpacks, nothing. At least they don't have to carry anything.

Part two of the episode begins with the groups heading to a wild animal park. There are two shuttles to feed some lions, one hour apart.

Meredith and Gretchen get clothes from Uchenna and Joyce, and they beg for money from the other teams. Ray and Rob both turn them down. Rob jokes to the camera that Meredith might have pushed Gretchen down to get sympathy.

Ray/Deana, Ron/Kelly and Brian/Greg maintain their lead and get the first shuttle. This gets them onto an earlier flight to their next town, but then everyone ends up on the same train.

At the next station, Rob stops Lynn and Alex's taxi van as it's pulling away. He tries to get on it but they say there's no room and tell the driver to leave. You don't want to rile up the Robfather. "(Lynn) might be able to run Alex like a little farm boy, but he can't treat everyone like that. I'm done being nice."

The Roadblock is working with a bushman to hit a bag swinging from a tree branch with a spear. Brian nicknames his bushman "Yoda" and uses the Force to finish the task quickly. They're bunched with Ron/Kelly and Lynn/Alex.

Teams must now drive a humvee across the bush. Ron uses his experience in the army to take the lead. Brian and Greg are flying down the road when they hit a sandy spot and flip their truck over! They're OK, but their cameraman is hurt. He gets some time on camera, which is never good. The brothers feel terrible, and they also have to wait for a new vehicle.

Lynn and Alex stop to make sure everyone's all right. True to his word, Rob passes them both which just fuels the boys' wrath even more. The other teams all slow down to see if they can help before moving on.

The Detour is Food or Water. Bland. Food is pounding corn meal into flour with big wooden poles. Water is sucking water out of a small well with a tube and filling ostrich eggs with it.

Ron/Kelly do Food and Rob/Amber do Water but they finish at about the same time. It's a close finish, but Ron and Kelly take the leg.

Uchenna and Joyce pass the farm boys in the Food challenge and finish third. Lynn and Alex are fourth.

Ray and Deana have a terrible time with the corn. Meredith and Gretchen pass them and finish the leg in fifth. Very impressive.

The On-Again-Off-Agains are still there when the brothers arrive! Encouraged, they decide to do Water and fly through it. Both teams finish and it's a real race to the finish.

Deana is driving and has a lead, but the bros close it. They've got to be freaking out driving fast in that humvee again. They screech to a halt right behind the couple and it's a dash on foot to the finish.

As you might guess, the smooth young men win the race and are still in the Race. Beaten Deana and Angry Ray and eliminated.

Now that's two hours of good TV. Why does CBS feel the need to rush though this season? Both of these episodes could've stood on their own. If you absolutely must do a midseason recap episode, just extend the season a week longer. What do you think we're going to do, leave the house?

Don't rush our Race!

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