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Amazing Race 7: Episode 4

This leg of the race begins in the countryside of Argentina. The Roadblock is riding a horse through a barrel course within 40 seconds. Yikes, that sounds hard enough (if you're not an experienced rider) even without the time constraint. Joyce has the most trouble with the task, getting bucked off her horse multiple times.

The next step is flying to Buenos Aires. The trick is the Racers only have two flights to choose from and they're five hours apart. That seems to be an abnormally large gap. It's as if the producers are trying to punish the teams that are getting a late start due to not finishing the meat challenge.

Lynn/Alex, Uchenna/Joyce, Ron/Kelly and Brian/Greg all make the first flight. They laugh at the non-eaters.

Rob and Amber get lost trying to find the ranch but just happen to run into it. Rob breezes through the challenge and they hustle to the airport….

…just in time to catch the early flight! Awesome. Amber says she can't wait to see the look on everyone's faces. Sure enough, the other four teams aren't happy. Alex says, "I hate them. I hate them so much." I thought gay meant happy.

"We'uh back!"

The late teams negotiate the horse course. Deana has trouble and Ray yells at her. Ray spends the entire episode belittling his competition as well. He says Meredith/Gretchen are too old, and Susan/Patrick are too weak. He's too dumb.

Patrick has problems again and scolds his mother for trying to help him. Why does he keep doing the challenges?

The early teams have to go to a clock tower and find the Argentine Johnny Depp for their next clue. They all get on the same train and remain tied.

Lynn compares Rob and Amber to an STD. That's a little much don't you think? I won't comment on why Lynn would know so much about STDs.

The Detour is Shipwreck or Island. No alliteration? How about Shipwreck or Sandbar? Eyesore or Island? Time to fax my resume to CBS.

Both choices involve searching for something in a motorized raft. You either have to find the wrecked ship that matches a photograph, or you have to follow a map to a specific island.

We quickly learn that the producers didn't spend a whole lot on these boats. Rob and Amber's boat cracks, and Lynn and Alex's begins to fill with water. Rob tells his driver to keep going and they're the first to find the boat.

Alex and Lynn have to get a new boat, allowing Ron/Kelly, Uchenna/Joyce and Brian/Greg to pass them.

Rob and Amber win another leg! They continue to amaze. The brothers are second, followed by the married couple, the formers (POW/beauty queen), and the men of hate.

Susan and Patrick were sunk.

In the battle for last, Ray and Deana find the island and start heading back. Meredith and Gretchen see them, and think they're heading to the island. They're going the wrong way!

But the aged ones catch a break when Susan and Patrick also have to get a replacement boat. They can't recover and are eliminated from the Race.

My two favorite teams are in front! Let's see if they can defeat the forces of anger and bitterness once again.

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