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Amazing Race 7: Episode 3

The teams' next stop is Argentina. Don't cry for them.

Debbie and Bianca go to a hotel for directions where Rob and Amber steal their cab. No big deal, because this week's gimmick for letting all the teams catch up is forcing them to take marked cars, but locking the cars in a garage that doesn't open until the next morning.

Susan and Patrick can't figure out how to leave town, putting them at an early disadvantage. The other teams find the highway needed to get through the Andes Mountains.

You know when they show five teams taking the same exit that somebody's going to miss it. Sure enough, Debbie and Bianca end up at the ocean instead of the mountains. They went two hours past their exit. So much for those directions.

Nobody uses the Yield, mainly because Rob and Amber are in first. The Detour is Paddle (with experienced guides in a raft down a river) or Pedal (biking for seven miles). Everybody takes the rafts except Brian and Greg and, wouldn't you know it, the brothers get a flat tire and end up having to run the rest of their course.

Where's the beef?

The Roadblock is eating four pounds of Argentine meat including cow intestine and udder. Rob, just like in the fafaru challenge, fails miserably. He quits and takes a four-hour penalty that starts once the next team arrives to begin eating.

So they're screwed right? Not the Robfather. He convinces both Ray/Deana and Meredith/Gretchen to quit as well, guaranteeing he won't be leaving the challenge in last place! Brilliant.

Uchenna comes in and eats like a champ. Alex is second to finish. But Uchenna and Joyce get lost on the way to the Pit Stop! Uchenna dominated in both challenges and it still only gets them second. Unbelievable.

The quitters finish in 5th, 6th and 7th. Patrick has so much trouble with the meat that the girlfriends actually catch up. Debbie even completes the meal! Very impressive.

But it's not enough. They just put themselves too far behind. Susan and Patrick finish 8th, and Debbie and Bianca are eliminated.

Now they love
each other in peace.

Reading a map and following road directions make up the single most important part of the Race. Besides getting on the wrong plane and flying to the wrong country, you can't do anything worse than getting lost on the road, especially when you take two hours to figure out you're going the wrong way.

Final note: Lynn and Alex are completely obsessed with beating Rob and Amber, even more so than winning the million dollars. It'll be interesting to see if their bitterness causes a game-ending blunder down the road.

Pass the barbeque sauce….

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