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Amazing Race 7: Episode 2

We missed the first fifteen minutes due to some baby issues so naturally enough happens to take up half of the episode recap on the CBS site. Here's what all I didn't see:

  • The teams' next stop is Chile.
  • Rob learns from a security guard about a faster bus to their destination and bribes the guard not to tell the others.
  • After finding out about it, the girlfriends and the boyfriends call Rob a liar.
  • The brothers and the boobies flirt on a long bus ride.
  • At the end of the trip, Rob bribes the bus driver to only open the front door so the teams up front can get a head start.

There's nobody like the Robfather. They hate him anyway, so it's not like he has to worry about losing friends.

The Roadblock is to get five people to pay for shoe shines in the middle of downtown. Ron/Kelly, Rob/Amber, Ray/Deana, Susan/Patrick and Meredith/Gretchen get done fast enough to get on the first flight to the next city.

The Bookfather

The Detour is "Shop or Schlep." They try way too hard to make them sound the same. Shop is going to a crowded market and finding five specific ingredients used in a local meal. Surprisingly, it's not chili. Schlep is using a dolly to move 180 books from a store to a library.

Because Rob and Amber are running short on money (not surprisingly) they do the books. Rob uses his construction skills to stack the entire load on the dolly. He just destroys the challenge and they're way ahead. All the other schlepers need to make two trips with the dolly.

The shoppers are even worse off. Some of the venders don't take American money, and others have dishonest scales so the fish they get aren't big enough and they have to go back and buy another one. Mom and Son are especially dumb because they didn't have enough money for a "funicular" ride, but they choose the Detour that requites more money, forcing them to beg again.

Rob and Amber coast to victory. It wasn't even close enough for fake drama. I'm very impressed.

The brothers and barbies are fighting for last place. The boys choose the books and the girls take the fish.

The show tune singers yell at the vendors for selling them undersized fish. The locals just laugh at their request for a refund.

"Which way to the exit?"

Team Blonde gets done with their Detour first, but traffic lets the brothers catch up. The two teams actually see each other in their cabs and know it's going to come down to a footrace at the end. Cosmetic enhancement does not enhance speed and the brothers are able to survive another day. Heidi and Megan get one last hug from the boys and head off to that great beauty parlor in the, uh, country of Chile.

Next week: Rob steals someone's cab! I love this guy. I was wrong, he's good for the show and I hope he lasts a while. But the cards are going to be really stacked against them.

Out wit. Out last. Out race.

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