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Amazing Race 7: Episode 11

Let's find a winner, shall we?

Hey, mon, the clue says to go to Jamaica, mon. Everyone gets on the same flight. Kelly tries to talk to Ron about their relationship which shockingly ends with her crying. Just give it up. Y'all are a train wreck.

The Roadblock is doing the limbo. Awesome. How low you can go determines how soon you go the next morning. All three women accept the challenge. Kelly is actually a very good limboer and secures the earliest departure time, as does Amber. Joyce can't get the lowest level so they'll leave fifteen minutes behind the others.

The Detour is Raft It or Build It. Raft It is riding a raft eight miles. Build It is building a raft, then taking it across the river. Everyone chooses to build.

Uchee (as Lorisa has dubbed him) whups tail on the raft and gets into the water first. Rob and Amber are right behind them. Kelly and Ron just insult each other and pull up the rear.

The Pit Stop is an old plantation. Rob and Amber's taxi gets stopped by the cops! This drops them into last place so they need a miracle.

And they get one! Uchee and Joy's taxi gets a flat tire!! Ouch. Ron and Kelly use the double good fortune to finish the leg first, just ahead of the Survivors.

But, as we all know since this is barely the first hour, this is a non-elimination leg so Uchenna and Joyce are still alive. But they lose all their stuff, and this is a very bad time for that.

The next morning's clue says to go to an onion shack to get a bag of onions. They then go to another shack and chop the onions. Rob and Amber lead after the chopping.

U & J are in bad shape. With no money to hire a cab they have to hitchhike to the airport, just so they can start begging. After collecting some cash they find a kind-hearted cabbie to take them on their onion hunt for a reduced rate.

Would you give
this man money?

The other two couples arrive at the next Detour. The choices are Pony Up and Tee It Up. Pony Up is riding swimming horses. Horses swim?! The teams must also be skeptical because they both choose to golf. The goal is to take turns hitting a tee shot until one of them lands on the green 140 yards away.

Tiger Woods' job is not in trouble after watching these guys. Rob eventually is the first to hit paygrass. Kelly comes through for her team. She's doing pretty well this episode. Too bad she keeps ruining it by talking.

As always, Rob and Amber outrace Ron and Kelly to and in the airport. They get on an earlier flight to Puerto Rico and take a huge lead in the Race.

But, as always, their next stop is closed until the next morning, so everybody catches up.

Roadblock. One person must jump off a thirty-foot bridge into the water and swim to a buoy. Amber has to do it since Rob has already done all six of his Roadblocks. The Survivors run off…and go the wrong way! Uchenna and Ron are already out of the water before Amber even gets to the bridge. Did Rob and Amber finally blow it?

Not yet, because Ron and Kelly blow it more. They get lost on the way to the airport and are never contenders again.

Rob and Amber pass Uchenna and Joyce in traffic get to the airport first. In potentially the biggest move in the Race, R & A get on a flight to Miami, their final destination, just as the doors are closing. The walkway pulls away from the plane and they're ready to coast to victory.

See you again soon.

But the tribe has more to say. Uchenna and Joyce get the workers at the gate to call the pilot and ask him to hold the plane. And he agrees! They bring the walkway back, Uchenna and Joyce get on the plane, and Rob is about to explode.

The first Miami clue says to find "The King of the Havanas" cigar shop. The trick is that the name is in Spanish, "El Rey de los Habanos."

Rob and Amber get to the neighborhood first but no one they ask knows where the shop is because they keep asking for it in English. Uchenna and Joyce wisely have their cab driver ask for directions, which naturally he does in Spanish. They find the shop and the lead heading for the final Pit Stop.

But they have a big problem of their own. The cab's meter is climbing sky high and they're still short on cash. This guy is not kind-hearted and he wants his money. Uchenna actually tries to beg from cars next to them at red lights. Needless to say, that doesn't work.

They get to their final stop, still short on cash. They dash around begging for money, getting some bit by bit. Meanwhile Rob and Amber have found the final clue and are hot on their tail. We've got some real drama, folks.

Cut to the Phil and the last mat. The other teams are all lined up. Pan to the opening. Who will be coming through first?

It's Uchenna and Joyce! They got their money and now they've won enough to pay everybody back. The other teams go wild. They are very happy for the married couple.

They can buy
plenty of hats now.

Rob and Amber come up in second place. Rob's not too happy about it, but they did much better than I expected. And we don't have to worry about them going broke just yet, because the next commercials announce their wedding will in fact be televised. God bless America.

Another Amazing Race in the books. I can't believe I missed the first five seasons of this great show, yet I suffered through countless Bachelors, Fear Factors and Temptation Islands. Ugh.

Yay, Uchee and Joy!

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