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Amazing Race 7: Episode 10

Wait…what's this? An Amazing Race Mailbag?? I didn't even know I had one of these!

Ginger writes in and says:

All of us in our e-mail group are outraged that Uchenna & Joyce have finished first twice and have never gotten a prize. However, Rambah have received THREE trips for coming in first, Deana & her wrestler hubby got Rav 4's , and Ron & Kelly got $20K in Travelocity money, and they came in last.

You speak the truth. You'd think a show this big could have some sort of prize every leg. Instead of $20,000 one time, why not two $10,000 prizes, or four $5,000 prizes? The lucky gnome prize was the worst. I will join you in outrage!

The first stop on this leg is to see some "whirling dervishes." Now we know what that means. The big funny hats must be in case they fall over.

Meet the dervishes.

The next destination is London, baby, yeah! They have to find the crosswalk on the Beatles album cover.

Uchenna/Joyce and Meredith/Gretchen all get on the earliest direct flight to London which leaves at 8:30 the next morning. You know Rob's not going to be willing to wait that long and sure he tracks down a set of flights that would get them into London 90 minutes earliers. The trick is the connecting flight in Frakfurt is currently full. Will they gamble?

Does Curt Schilling throw wicked hahd? Of course they're going to gamble! Independently, Ron and Kelly get on the same flight. The teams are split into two groups again.

RA & RK's risk pays off as they both get on the flight in Frankfurt and they take a nice lead into England. Smashing!

Rob and Amber take a one-train lead out of the airport. Once again, Rob secures the services of a guide, this time a chap named Stuart. Cheerio.

The Detour is Brains or Brawn. Not clever. Brains is following three clues to eventually get to the Sherlock Holmes museum. Brawn is dragging five rowboats out of the water one at a time and pulling them on a trailer. That doesn't sound fun.

The Survivors and the formers choose Brains, while the other two teams just now get to London.

After going Holmes, Rob and Amber learn the final Yield is ahead. This gives them more incentive to stay ahead of Ron and Kelly. They do, and slap the ol' Yield on them. Ka-pow!

The Roadblock is driving one of those sweet red double-decker busses through a course. If you even touch one of the orange cones you have to start over. Rob takes the wheel and fails a couple times but completes the task before Ron and Kelly get through the Yield.

Kelly puts her Yield time to use.

Uchenna and Joyce choose Brawn, and Meredith/Gretchen do too! Why would you do something called Brawn when you're less brawny than a roll of paper towels?

Sure enough, the oldies struggle and the baldies build a little lead.

"Rambuh" (I like that) win comfortably. And, sure enough, they get a home entertainment system. Ginger and her friends will not be pleased.

Kelly starts on the Roadblock because Ron has already done five of his maximum six. Oops. She's all over the place and both of the late teams arrive. But Kelly finishes in her seventh attempt in enough time to get second place in the leg.

Joyce gets on the bus and doesn't lose her lead over Meredith. She and Uchenna waste their customary time getting confused on the way to the Pit Stop, but they overcome it.

Meredith and Gretchen walk up last and Phil has no good news for them. They're out in fourth place but it was an excellent run.

The final is set! Three teams, two hours, one million dollars. I can't believe Rob and Amber are still in it! I underestimated the extent and benefit of their fame, and I overestimated the usefulness of an alliance against them. They have to be the favorite going into the last leg.

Even though I love Survivor's First Couple, it would be pretty lame if they won again. Come on, how many reality millions do you need? I'm rooting for Uchenna and Joyce. I want Ron and Kelly to finish last, then break up and both seek counseling. Their fights are getting so bad even Jonathan and Victoria are embarrassed.

At least we know this time the winner gets a prize for sure.

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