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Amazing Race 7: Episode 1

We're going to have to have a quick turnaround on these midweek ones (and Lorisa would prefer that I occasionally get up from the computer) so they're going to be more concise than the Survivor recaps. Think of them as summentaries of summentaries.

The 7th Amazing Race begins in greater-L.A. and the teams head for Peru. Rob and Amber of Survivor fame take their sweet time getting out of the parking lot. Megan and Heidi, the identical friends (they must share the same plastic surgeon), almost die on the freeway. I know that feeling.

Stunningly, half the teams seem speak a foreign language. What's the fun in that? And Chuck, one of the supercool hillbillies, knows Portuguese! Well, kiss my grits and send me to Rio.

How do you say
"Y'all are derned funny" in Portuguese?

In Peru, the teams have to dig out plane tickets from one of three big piles of sand. Laziness takes over as the latest fight fills up before second earliest flight because it's closer. That and Debbie and Bianca, the "friends" who love to say they love each other, are liars.

The first Detour is wrangling llamas or carrying a big basket on your back. Them llamas spit far.

Three teams are tight heading for the finish with Debbie and Bianca narrowly winning. Instead of a trip somewhere, they each win $10,000 in cash! Mother and gay son, Susan and Patrick, come in a second, closely followed by Rob and Amber.

Last place is also hotly contest by three teams with Megan and Heidi coming in 9th, Ron and Kelly (the former POW/former beauty queen team) finishing 10th, and-NOOOOOOO--Ryan and Chuck the lovable country boys getting eliminated. Curse you, Wannabe Jeff.


I'm really going to miss Ryan and Chuck. They were great.

It sure didn't take long for this season's Colin/Jonathan to emerge. And it's the muscle-bound guy in the tank top and bandana who can't commit to his girlfriend. I'm stunned.

So we have three gay guys and a dude named Meredith. If only Adam from last season was back.

"This is hahduh then Suvivuh, Ambuh!"

This is going to be another fun season. Before the show started I predicted Rob and Amber would be gone by the third episode and Lorisa said the fifth. We knew they'd be targeted by the other teams and, sure enough, the smack talk has already begun. Patrick already has plans to set up an alliance with them in order to betray them later.

That said, I'd forgotten how sly (and fun) Rob is. He already used his fame to secure a guide who got them from the back of the pack all the way to the front. They aren't going to get any help from anybody, but they may not need it to last a while.

Thoughts while watching the Oscars

Quick foreign language lesson: "Parlez vous Beyonce?" = "How do you say 'bootilicious' in French?"

Forget the awards, the highlight of my night was seeing Prince standing on stage next to that giant model.

Antonio Bandaras did OK with his song, but I couldn't understand a word he was singing.

You learn something new every day. Today's was that Yo Yo Ma is a man.

Jamie Foxx: In Living Color, Booty Call, Oscar. I love this country.

Bachelorette thought of the week:


(Much more on this later.)


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